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Providing tree health services and customer education.

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Your trees are one of the biggest assets of your property, whether it’s your home or your business. Plant care can feel overwhelming, and going at it alone is intimidating for many. Our certified arborists at Urban Loggers can help you feel empowered and informed through our tree health services in Granville, Ohio and surrounding communities.

Tree Inventories

A comprehensive approach to maintaining trees, particularly on properties with many trees to manage, starts with a full tree inventory.

During a tree inventory, we evaluate and record key metrics for each tree on the property. We determine each tree’s health, document the severity of any defects, assess its risk and value to property, suggest best management practices, and if necessary, recommend long and short term treatments and interventions.

All of this information is displayed on a satellite map of your property, making it easy for you to keep track of each of your trees, their health and the previous care they received. Tree inventories are a cost effective and valuable way to manage larger tree populations by consolidating important information and key metrics and giving you a clear and comprehensive understanding of their health status. The final report will equip you with customized data, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding an appropriate, measured, and rational tree management strategy and an associated budget.

Our Process

We have 5 basic principles with which we approach plant health care:

Comprehensive and Tailored Care

We individualize care to your tree’s specific needs; this helps ensure that a tree is not receiving more intervention than is required. By optimizing our approach and treatments, we promote the best possible outcome with the least intervention possible.

Monitoring and Observation

We take note of the health of your trees whenever we are on the property—regardless of whether or not we are performing work on the trees in question. Consistent observation from property owners is essential.

It is critical that you notify us if you notice your trees are presenting differently than they usually do because the time when we can intervene determines the outcome of a tree’s illness. Not only will monitoring enable us to detect a problem, it will also tell us when a pest has been sufficiently suppressed or eliminated, at which point we can stop or alter treatment protocols.

Appropriate Tolerance

Otherwise healthy trees often are infected with a pest of some kind. Trees have natural immune systems that are often capable of fighting off these pests without any assistance. Just like you would not have surgery for a sprained ankle or go to the hospital for a common cold, if a pest does not pose a major risk to the tree and is not likely to spread or become more intense, it is best to let the tree handle the infection on its own. We will always let you know when it is appropriate to intervene.

Limit Contamination and Pollution

When chemicals are required to treat a tree, we do everything we can to limit other organisms’ exposure to these chemicals to avoid damaging their health. We most often accomplish this by using a state-of-the-art injection system that allows us to directly inject the tree’s vascular system with a targeted pesticide, fungicide, antibiotic, or even nutrient supplement. This virtually eliminates the risk of collateral exposure to other organisms.

Client Education

Client education is the first line of defense against pests. At every jobsite, we will have a certified arborist there to help you understand what to look for and how best to care for your trees on your own.

Long-Term Benefits of Proper Tree Care

Added Property Value

Properties with healthy, mature trees historically have greater property value due to their ability to decrease energy consumption and add beauty to a property. The fact is that trees don’t grow overnight, making them more difficult to come by for buyers and influencing the property value.


Improperly cared for trees can cause liability and safety hazards. Falling branches and limbs, or the tree itself, can damage your property and create a dangerous scenario.

Community & Environmental Value

Trees provide shade, beauty, and a general mood boost for communities, along with carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen production.

Tree Health Assessments

If you have a tree you’re worried about, call us for an in-depth tree health assessment. We are ISA certified arborists and know the signs and symptoms to look for in determining tree health and possible risks. Our team will come out to your property, examine your trees, and make recommendations in the best interest of your property and long-term tree health.

Customer Education

Urban Loggers is passionate about trees and the work that we do, and we love sharing that with others. We’ll walk you through tree health care and help you be more informed and knowledgeable about your trees.

About Urban Loggers

It all started with a young entrepreneur’s apprenticeship on an organic farm. After several years of managing woods and ecological restoration, Andrew realized he could apply his skills in residential and commercial markets. In 2017, he started Urban Loggers as a steward of the urban forest.

Our team understands the degree of personal responsibility and lasting impact of proper tree care and maintenance. We take care of your tree needs with an environmentalist approach and view our role as a privilege, ensuring future generations enjoy the benefits of a healthy urban landscape.

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Andrew has been to our home on multiple occasions. Each time was a challenging tree removal, one near the road and another near the road and adjacent to power lines. My husband didn’t want to do it himself and called on Andrew. He arrived on time, was very professional and had equipment that got the job done quickly and efficiently. He was even able to save a tree that was in harm’s way. He can drop a tree exactly where intended. Very impressive. I have also referred him to a friend and they were pleased with his trimming work around their home.

Suzan L.

Andrew does a great job at a fair price. I’m new to the area and have received quotes from many lawn and tree contractors, Urban Loggers is by far the best choice. For a small business he easily beats competition from bigger outfits. Better price, better service and much, much more attentive than any others in the area!

James S.

I’ve been using Andrew for several years now. He and his crew have done awesome work for me. I’ve had them come on short notice for an emergency, remove a giant cotton wood over the house, and clean up the woods behind my house. Couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and expertise.

Anika S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions; here are some answers.

Why is plant health care necessary?

Trees are not adapted to grow in urban environments. They evolved over the course of millions of years in forests where they could rely on natural processes to provide nutrients, water, pest resistance, and genetic health. Our urban forests do not have access to these vital ecosystem services they once were accustomed to; pavement and construction has led to compacted soils and reduced water availability, unlimited sun can lead to unstable growth forms, and invasive species have led to pests trees are not equipped to fight.

Plants need health care just as your pets need a vet and your car needs a mechanic— not only for when there is an immediate concern, but for regular maintenance to prevent costly cataclysmic failures. Regular check ups that can screen for pests, nutrient deficiencies, and other stressors will help preserve these tremendous assets for future generations.

When do my trees need health care?

If you’re asking this question, then probably right now! We like to check up on trees annually, and more often if there is a known concern. Your trees need health care for the same reasons you do! For as long as there are pests, diseases, and other stressors to trees, they will require some moderate attention. If you have not had your trees’ health evaluated recently, we are happy to schedule a consultation during which we can tell you what to be watching for and when it may be appropriate to intervene.

We can develop the least invasive and involved long-term plan possible to ensure your trees’ long term health.

Is plant health care expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! It is ultimately the property owners decision on whether or not their trees are worth protecting. Most trees are healthy, and any illness they do encounter often does not require any intervention.

We won’t suggest unnecessary treatments or interfere with healthy trees. Even if a tree does require extensive, or even regular treatments, the cost of removing a tree—particularly when the loss in property value is accounted for—greatly exceeds the cost of preserving the tree.