Tree Trimming in Granville, Ohio

Trimming, Pruning, and Maintenance

Beautiful trees need proper care to look and function their best.

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You might depend on trees to help lower your utility bills, provide outdoor shade, and add value to your home or property. Tree maintenance can mitigate the risk of falling branches, dying trees, and damage to your property. Whether you’re looking to improve an obstruction, encourage growth, or enhance overall appearance, Urban Loggers provides expert tree trimming in Granville, Ohio and surrounding communities for both residential and commercial customers.

Our Tree Trimming Process

While it may be tempting to trim and prune trees yourself, there are a lot of considerations to ensure quality tree maintenance. Safety is the #1 priority, and improper equipment can cause injury. It also takes a specialized skill to know exactly where to trim so it doesn’t damage the tree further and cause more harm than good.

Before starting, our team inspects your trees to see if there are any potential hazards to take into consideration. While there are many providers of tree services, there are few that are qualified and experienced enough to take on complicated and involved projects successfully from large, precise limb removals to delicate ornamental pruning.

Our team can employ the following services:

Remove diseased or storm-damaged branches
Thin the crown to promote growth and better circulation
Reduce tree height
Shape a tree for design

About Urban Loggers

It all started with a young entrepreneur’s apprenticeship on an organic farm. After several years of managing woods and ecological restoration, Andrew realized he could apply his skills in residential and commercial markets. In 2017, he started Urban Loggers as a steward of the urban forest.

Our team understands the degree of personal responsibility and lasting impact of proper tree care and maintenance. We take care of your tree needs with an environmentalist approach and view our role as a privilege, ensuring future generations enjoy the benefits of a healthy urban landscape.

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Andrew has been to our home on multiple occasions. Each time was a challenging tree removal, one near the road and another near the road and adjacent to power lines. My husband didn’t want to do it himself and called on Andrew. He arrived on time, was very professional and had equipment that got the job done quickly and efficiently. He was even able to save a tree that was in harm’s way. He can drop a tree exactly where intended. Very impressive. I have also referred him to a friend and they were pleased with his trimming work around their home.

Suzan L.

Andrew does a great job at a fair price. I’m new to the area and have received quotes from many lawn and tree contractors, Urban Loggers is by far the best choice. For a small business he easily beats competition from bigger outfits. Better price, better service and much, much more attentive than any others in the area!

James S.

I’ve been using Andrew for several years now. He and his crew have done awesome work for me. I’ve had them come on short notice for an emergency, remove a giant cotton wood over the house, and clean up the woods behind my house. Couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and expertise.

Anika S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions; here are some answers.

When is tree trimming necessary?

Tree trimming is necessary in several situations. Most commonly, homeowners get their trees trimmed when the trees are obstructive in some way or to lower the risk of falling branches. Tree trimming can also improve growing patterns, structure, and integrity of the tree.

When should I get my trees trimmed?

Typically, the best time to get your trees trimmed is during the winter months. Many types of trees are dormant this time of year, making them less vulnerable to pests and disease. Fewer leaves make visibility much easier for trimming, and trimming in winter prepares trees for the spring growing season.

What is the difference between tree trimming and pruning?

Tree trimming and tree pruning might sound like the same thing, but there are key differences in when you would do one or the other. When we reference pruning, we’re talking about removing broken or dead branches to promote your safety and the health of the tree. When we discuss trimming, we’re talking about cosmetically removing branches or growth to sculpt a specific look.